Monday, September 6, 2010

You're Not Helping

This from Reuter's...

"Several hundred Afghans chanting "Death to America" rallied outside a mosque in the Afghan capital on Monday [today] to protest against an American church's plan to burn a copy of the Koran on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The protesters, mostly students from religious schools, gathered outside Kabul's Milad ul-Nabi mosque to condemn plans by the Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center to burn copies of the Koran to mark the ninth anniversary" of 9/11.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle radical. The U.S embassy in Kabul said...

"United States government in no way condones such acts of disrespect against the religion of Islam, and is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups."

Could you imagine an "Islamic" state releasing a statement like that? No, we're the ones that don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Regarding the title...Do you really need to burn a Koran? Can't you just let them be the lunatics jumping around and burning things? So let's see....Nazis burn things, crazy islamic radicals burn things, and you burn things.

At least the Dove World outreach center gives a "Top Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran" list, sans drum roll. A must read, and a heady reminder that there's nuts all 'round. Nothing says peace and love like a good old holy-book burning.


  1. Before the Spanish Inquisition, Muslims, Jews, and Catholics lived in a harmonious Spanish state. More than 500 years later, we still haven't learned how to repeat that level of peace. So much for progress guys....

  2. still don't understand how we think we have the right answers for other countries when our mantra is peace, freedom, and equality and we clearly haven't figured it out. How's that for false advertisement?

  3. Most def! For the land of the free, we sure like placing each other in figurative and literal prison. For some reason, radical Christians think that religious freedom it my way or else!

  4. Radicalism/extremism/fundamentalism in any form is a frightening and dangerous thing

  5. Absolutely true! What is that saying from the American Revolution.... ah yes.. "Freedom to extend your fist ends at the tip of my nose." So, let's keep our hands to ourselves, and use our lighter fluid for barbecues only!