Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dios Mio!

Suzyn Waldman, radio broadcaster for the New York Yankees has taken her 20+ years of professional sports reporting and chimed in on the Jets/Mexican reporter story, complaining at how far women in sports reporting have yet to go. For those of you haven't had the pleasure...

I'll do with a little hyperbole as much as the next guy, but really, Suzyn? Of all the dramatic things you've ever seen? A hayseed that can throw a ball hard gives a stuttering, unmoving speech only to go 6-6 with an E.R.A over 4, thats up there with, say, the Hindenburg, or the moon landing, or 9/11?

Pipe down and keep not challenging John Sterling's hackiness. Keep prostrating yourself before the Yankee alter. Just because you have a job doesn't necessarily mean you're furthering the cause of women in sports broadcasting.


  1. Yeah...seriously. Sports are entertainment. Am I passionate about my favorite teams? Sure. But let's get some perspective on the real issues of the world. Most superstar ballplayers are setroid junkies anyway...so why are we making a federal case out of this?

  2. by setroid, I meant steroid. My bad!

  3. Annoying Joe...ever since the switch to the new background, the site is very slow and difficult to navigate.

  4. Irving, I've heard that from others, I'm going to make a switch later today, stay tuned and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!