Friday, April 29, 2011

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Please follow the link below to check out this amazing video posted on one of my favorite blogs...

The truth is out there...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Yeah!

Came across this today on It felt strangely appropriate...

There are two distinct varieties of Ideologue, conservative and liberal, but each being smug and self satisfied in his certitudes, they are really flip sides of the same coin. Though Ideologue's "opinions" merely represent a loose collection of intellectual conceits he is nonetheless astonished, bewildered and angered when his views are not immediately embraced as Truth. He regards honest disagreement as a form of cognitive dissonance that can only be cured by relentless propagandizing. The conservative iteration of Ideologue parades himself as a logical, clear thinker, while the liberal version trumpets his higher level of mental, spiritual and social awareness. Troglodyte is the natural ally of conservative Ideologue, and for liberal Ideologue it is Weenie. Whether conservative or liberal, Ideologue is a fierce, but very predictable Warrior.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ignorance is Strength

Not content with ridiculous accents, traffic, hairdo altitude, and social class polarization, Long Island, NY is striving to lead the way in another area; privacy infringement. From the Buffalo News...
A wealthy Long Island village is planning an extensive network of security cameras that scan license plates to help reduce the number of property and home invasion crimes.

The 3.3-square mile North Shore community is home to 5,000 residents. The plan calls for 44 cameras to eventually be installed at the village's 19 entrances. That's about one camera for every 120 people.

Mayor Michael Kalnick tells Newsday the project is needed to protect residents.

The system runs the license plate scan through criminal databases and if a match is found immediately notifies police.

Initially, three cameras will be installed. One has been operating on a test basis for 18 months and police are using two mobile units on patrol cars.

It's not clear when the project will be completed.

Elitist much? Well, you can't blame the fine people of Kings Point. I mean, look at the rampant crime inflicting their humble dwellings as evidenced by THESE crime statistics. This is a neighborhood under siege, people!

I almost forgot...check out the income statistics HERE. Getting the picture?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


Holy Shit it's April.

I use Yahoo!. A lot. Force of habit, really. But I'm thinking of going cold turkey. I made the mistake of clicking on
"Two Changes That Will Improve Your Odds of Retiring" today. This is what I found...

1. Working 5 More Years

Fie you could save $15,000 a year for each of those 5 years. The extra savings helps boost the plan barst, consider how much of an impact working five more years could have on your retirement. Let's assume you're 65 and have $1,000,000 in retirement assets. If you could earn 5% a year on those funds, your retirement plan would be worth about $1,275,000 at age 70, or about 28% more than at age 65. That means it could support almost 28% more in distributions.

Plus, let's assum

lance to $1,360,000, or about 36% more than at age 65.

By waiting five years, you've increased your retirement assets and potential retirement income by 36%.

2. Reducing Your Lifestyle

Now let's assume you also reduce your retirement lifestyle expectations by 15%. That means you'll need 15% less in savings to meet your goals.

• For a couple targeting $100,000 of retirement income, that means living on $15,000 less a year. A good rule of thumb for producing distributions in retirement is that every $5,000 worth of distributions will require about $100,000 of assets at age 70. If you reduce your lifestyle needs by $15,000 that means you need $300,000 less in assets to support your retirement.

You might not be happy about the prospects of a reduced lifestyle, but you may find it works just fine if you adjust your expectations. It really comes down to how important it is for you not to work. If that 15% reduction provides you with the freedom to retire, it may well be worth it.

No shit, really? If I work longer I'll end up with more money? So, I "will improve my odds of retiring" by...not retiring? Oh, and if I continue to sacrifice and lead a spartan existence, I will have enough money to not enjoy since I will be pissing and shitting myself by the time I do retire/am-deemed-unfit-for-work? Yaaaaaa HOOOOO-a-woooo! Assholes.