Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Yeah!

Came across this today on It felt strangely appropriate...

There are two distinct varieties of Ideologue, conservative and liberal, but each being smug and self satisfied in his certitudes, they are really flip sides of the same coin. Though Ideologue's "opinions" merely represent a loose collection of intellectual conceits he is nonetheless astonished, bewildered and angered when his views are not immediately embraced as Truth. He regards honest disagreement as a form of cognitive dissonance that can only be cured by relentless propagandizing. The conservative iteration of Ideologue parades himself as a logical, clear thinker, while the liberal version trumpets his higher level of mental, spiritual and social awareness. Troglodyte is the natural ally of conservative Ideologue, and for liberal Ideologue it is Weenie. Whether conservative or liberal, Ideologue is a fierce, but very predictable Warrior.


  1. I am astonished to learn I am a weenie.

  2. You know what I fear more than an ideologue? That giant Koolaid man that breaks down your wall yelling, "Oh yeah!"

    "Oh no!", I say. "Stay away from MY house. I don't even like Koolaid."