Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ignorance is Strength

Not content with ridiculous accents, traffic, hairdo altitude, and social class polarization, Long Island, NY is striving to lead the way in another area; privacy infringement. From the Buffalo News...
A wealthy Long Island village is planning an extensive network of security cameras that scan license plates to help reduce the number of property and home invasion crimes.

The 3.3-square mile North Shore community is home to 5,000 residents. The plan calls for 44 cameras to eventually be installed at the village's 19 entrances. That's about one camera for every 120 people.

Mayor Michael Kalnick tells Newsday the project is needed to protect residents.

The system runs the license plate scan through criminal databases and if a match is found immediately notifies police.

Initially, three cameras will be installed. One has been operating on a test basis for 18 months and police are using two mobile units on patrol cars.

It's not clear when the project will be completed.

Elitist much? Well, you can't blame the fine people of Kings Point. I mean, look at the rampant crime inflicting their humble dwellings as evidenced by THESE crime statistics. This is a neighborhood under siege, people!

I almost forgot...check out the income statistics HERE. Getting the picture?


  1. I predict the unintended consequences of this will be exposure that not all of the village residents are "law abiding" citizens. SMILE

    As to my bizarre word usage noted in your comment, I assume you have intimate familiarity with one or the other phrase??

  2. Q: "Willie, why do you rob banks?"
    A: "Cause that's where the money is." ~ Willie Sutton

    Capiche? Doubt it.

  3. Guess you didn't read the crime stats. Oh well.

    SBVOR censors his blog.

  4. AJ,

    1) As expected, you no capiche.

    2) When your comments merely reflect your usual stupidity and ignorance, they are tolerated.

    When you post ad hominem attacks which are demonstrably and objectively false, your comments are deleted.

    Simple as that.

  5. AJ,

    The United States Bullion Depository has no crime at all. Does that mean their security measures are unwarranted?

  6. Hey Goebbels, don't you have a blog to censor?

  7. Sounds invasive, but on the other hand, it might help catch that serial killer.

  8. Unfortunately, they just broadcast to that same serial killer. Unless he's already a resident. It places the lotion...you get it.