Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Fun with Christine

I REALLY don't want this to be a solely political blog, but since that is where the absurdity resides, then that is where we must go.

And we need go no further than Christine O'Donnell.

From the New York Daily news...

"The hits just keep on coming for Christine O'Donnell.

A 1990s clip of the Republican Delaware Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite declaring 'evolution is a myth,' was released by comedian Bill Maher on Friday night.

O'Donnell had appeared as a conservative Christian activist and was a frequent guest on his 'Politically Incorrect' show.

Maher replayed the segment on his HBO show 'Real Time.'

On the Oct. 15, 1998 clip, O'Donnell challenged the theory of evolution.

'Evolution is a myth,' she said, starting to elaborate before Maher interrupted.

'Evolution is a myth?' he asked. 'Have you ever looked at a monkey?'

'Well then why aren't they, why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?,' O'Donnell countered."

That's an excellent question. Well, it's an excellent question if you believe the Earth is only a few thousand years old.

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and religiously-based opinions deserve their place. It is, however, alarming that one would base their discrediting of the theory of evolution on that fact that chimpanzees aren't spontaneously emerging out of the brush as newly-minted homo-sapiens. If that was happening, I'm sure Jane Goodall would have noticed.


  1. I watched this clip some time ago, and it still amazes me. I was wondering what you thought about the Creationism Museum? Do you think Christine thinks her ancestors rode dinosaurs?


  2. I am not sure how to post a picture in the comment section....this is my first attempt. Hope it works.

    Boy wearing boots and sitting in a saddle on a dinosaur in the creationism museum.


  3. The creationism museum is fantastic! Talk about shoehorning beliefs. Man and dinosaur living side by side in harmony. Ild hate to be the guy who had to milk the brontosaurus.

    I will post that pic a little later. You can email me the link. jrotolo721@yahoo.com

  4. This O'Donnell broad is quite a hoot. Why do conservatives think that being religious means you have to ignore science? None of us knows the "real" story, but we do have evidence that the Earth is much older than the Bible indicates. And, let's remember that the Bible is a piece of literature passed down through many, many, many generations and versions. Most common people couldn't write in centuries past, which indicates that a great deal of the Bible was likely transmitted by word of mouth. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation, folks. I bet that Jesus would shudder at the way modern day Christians behave.

  5. Thats it in a nutshell, Irving.

    After all is said and done, I think its a the height of arrogance to proclaim an understanding of "God's" comings and goings.

  6. I totally agree, fellas. I mean seriously...unless God came down in person to have a chat with O'Donnell or any of the rest of them (which I highly doubt), not one of them can claim to know the true will of God.

  7. I totally agree. I may only be a college student but to me the bottom line is that our country was born on the idea that church and state should be separate. We are all supposed to be free to worship, or not worship, however we please. Bringing creationism into politics is a blatant disregard for the forefathers that the Tea Party claims to be honoring