Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In response to yesterday's post addressing Christine O'Donnell's views on evolution, reader Gasper was kind enough to send this picture along, from the Creationism Museum in Kentucky...

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Creationism Museum is a museum in Petersburg, Kentucky that, through a series of exhibits, presents an account of the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and man's early history according to a literal reading of the Bible, particularly the Book of Genesis. The museum also, obviously, attempts to discount and discredit the theory of evolution and natural selection, or any other "story of origin" that departs from Genesis.

Much more on this in future posts. Thanks to Gasper.


  1. So I am confused...why is there a dinosaur there?

  2. That's an excellent question.

    The creationism Museum claims that the Earth is roundabouts 7,000 years old. To explain the proof of existence of dinosaurs, the Museum claims that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, and that humans actually domesticated certain species, such as our triceratops horse pictured on the post. Yes, thats right, the Creationism Museum claims that humans rode dinosaurs.

    Again, much more on this in future posts. It's a real hoot.

  3. Holy cow! Are you seriuos? So, let me see if I am getting this straight. An entire class of animals, which was clearly far larger and more rugged than the average Neanderthal human, was wiped out by some catastrophic event, but humans somehow survived. Wow! We sure are lucky!

  4. It's even stranger than you think, Johnny. Stay tuned..

  5. AnnoyingJoe,

    I arrived at your blog only by virtue of your having left a particularly inane comment on my blog.

    A very quick survey of your blog leads me to believe you are a quintessential New York Leftist:

    1) Arrogant
    2) Ignorant
    3) Intolerant

    That's just the top three of the typical traits.

    I'm a trained scientist. I believe in the (ever evolving) theory of evolution. I also support teaching both Creationism and Intelligent Design as alternative theories. I do not believe in either one. But, I do believe in the free exchange of ideas -- something so-called "Progressives" long ago abandoned.

    Schools should objectively present the evidence for and against each theory and openly discuss where the evidence leads.

    Of course, if that approach were taken across the board, there would be far fewer so-called "Progressives" in this world. Why? Because the so-called "Progressive" ideology can ONLY survive in an absolute intellectual vacuum. That ideology can NOT survive contact with objective data. And, that is precisely why you so-called "Progressives" are so hell bent on forcibly suppressing every thought which you disagree with.

  6. P.S.) Click here for my explanation as to why I fully support Christine O’Donnell. It is guaranteed to make your microcephalic Leftist head explode!

  7. AJ,

    Personally, I find Creationism impossible to defend.

    But, if any of your (two or three) readers have any shred of intellectual curiosity left in them, they might find this treatise on Intelligent Design thought provoking.

    That link is the premise upon which certain religiously intolerant political tyrants falsely label Dr. Roy Spencer as a believer in Intelligent Design. Nowhere in that essay does Dr. Spencer indicate that he believes in this theory, only that he finds it intellectually worthy of examination. But, when did anybody ever expect so-called “Progressives” to display any intellectual honesty, much less any intellectual curiosity (or religious tolerance)?

  8. Actually, SBVOR, as far as I can tell, I left the ONLY comment on your blog.

    Be that as it may, I welcome your presence and comments, and insults.

    I would only ask that you keep the labels down to a minimum. It is the truly microcephalic mind that attempts to label people in broad, careless strokes and compartmentalize
    them in tidy, ideological groups. And from what I can tell from your blog, and your comments here, you're way to quick to do that.

    I am neither "liberal" nor "arrogant"(well maybe a little,) nor "intolerant." Just as I'm sure you are not the sum total of what your blog portrays you as.

    I'm thrilled you took the time to read my blog. I hope you continue to do so, and I hope you don't mind if I continue to peruse yours. And I hope you continue to comment as I welcome all viewpoints as a conversation can only be healthy if different perspectives are presented. I will be checking out your support of Christine O'Donnell later today. Thanks again!

  9. No Johnny......that's


  10. SBVOR: As a New Yorker and college educated professional, I think you should point that self-righteous finger at yourself. In no way does his blog indicate that New Yorkers lack the ability to consider several points of view. However, after reading your blog, it is clear that you are as inflexible as you accuse others of being. Have a nice day.

  11. Annoying Joe, this SBVOR fellow seems very angry. After reading his comments to you, I visited his site. With all of the noise he is presenting, I was a bit turned off. Sure, we can all have an opinion, but why present it with such negative energy. If he would like to refer to us as progressives who cannot "freely exchange ideas", that is his prerogative. But, we are not "hell-bent" on suppressing opposing thought processes. We have obviously struck a cord with this gentleman.
    SBVOR, we welcome your comments, let's be friends. We don't have to agree to widen our philosophical and political horizons.

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  13. Liberals, liberals, liberals! Always trying to fix what isn't broken. The truth is the let it be. Adam and Eve is the truth! The Holy Bible is the truth! Men married to women is the truth! So, pipe down and stop ruining our country!

  14. Lizzardo - ya, I was sort of surprised by the generalization. oh well.

    Irving - spot on, as usual. and I'm glad you took the time to check out his blog. I agree, there certainly is alot of sound and fury there, but I think we can try to sift through the negativity and rhetoric and try and understand our new friend a little better.

  15. Lizzardo - ya, I was sort of surprised by the generalization. oh well.

    Irving - spot on, as usual. and I'm glad you took the time to check out his blog. I agree, there certainly is alot of sound and fury there, but I think we can try to sift through the negativity and rhetoric and try and understand our new friend a little better.

  16. Dick Smyth - Thanks for reading!

    P.S. Love the picture

  17. AnnoyingJoe (September 30, 2010 3:19 AM),

    1) So called "Progressives" never see themselves as they really are. You are no exception.

    2) Your religious intolerance is glaring (and very typical). If you ever wonder where that came from, you might want to examine the readily verifiable history of the doctrine of Cultural Marxism. Each of your other traits is equally obvious. So, I stand by my original assessments.

    3) I did not read your blog so much as skim it. What I found was very familiar, very predictable and -- sorry to say -- very stereotypical. It’s about as automaton cookie cutter Leftist as it gets.

    4) Anybody who would create or read this sort of blog is a fully indoctrinated hate monger well beyond the reach of reason. Ergo, I won’t waste my time.


  18. Well, thats not very open-minded.

    This from the guy who's blog potrays ole' Rosie th e Riveter preparing to give the president an anal exam.

  19. P.S.) I would be happy to compare reader stats between our two blogs.

    My regular readers tend to come to my blog to learn, not to randomly express opinions.

    My bloglist is particularly popular.

    My posts on climate change, deficit spending and domestic hydrocarbon resources are standouts.

  20. SBVOR- I will meditate on this at Buddhist temple this week. I am sorry you cannot open your mind to other possibilities.

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  22. Anonymous (September 30, 2010 9:06 AM),

    Been there, done that. I am, myself, a reformed Leftist.

    As they say...
    If -- at the age of 20 -- you are not a radical revolutionary, you have no heart. If -- by the age of 40 -- you are not a Constitutional Conservative -- you have no brains.

    Live and learn

  23. SBVOR - Thanks for the reading list, it is genuinely appreciated. I will definitely check them out and encourage any readers of this blog to do the same.

    No viewpoints will be surpressed here.

  24. SBVOR's blog last entry

    Monday, October 12, 2009
    Climate Change Science - an Overview

    I guess there is nothing new to report on.....

  25. Anonymous (September 30, 2010 10:56 AM ),

    1) My most recent blog entry was posted this morning.

    2) I currently have 215 posts under the Climate Change label. The most recent of those is dated 9/16/10.

    3) As is clearly noted, the Climate Change Overview post was most recently updated on 2/27/10. And, no, there has been nothing of any real consequence to the overview since then.

    You might, however, care to click here and debunk the AGW hysteria topic by topic.

    Or, for a quick primer on the subject, you might want to note that both the Arctic AND the Antarctic are experiencing an on-going, uninterrupted 10,000 year cooling which shows NO SIGNS of abating.

    The citation links and more details are found here and here.

    I eagerly await your next bit of misinformation.

  26. P.S.) If you want a daily dose of what’s new in the world of the AGW hysteria fraud, Derek Tipp -- my friend and fellow scientist from across the pond -- typically offers a layperson friendly single update each day.

    For the more scientifically literate, there is PhD physicist LuboŇ° Motl at The Reference Frame.

    Countless other scientifically credible sources are found in my bloglist.

  27. Wow...layperson. And Joe is arrogant? We are all aware of your background in science, as you have mentioned it several times. However, you are obviously not an expert in Spanish vernacular, as you told us "adios" hours ago, but continue to comment.

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  29. Lizzardo,

    My apologies...
    I must have missed the memo announcing that "layperson" is now deemed by the PC Police to be a pejorative.

    I am, myself, a layperson in many areas. Environmental science is not one of them.

    Get a grip!

  30. Again...ADIOS means goodbye. It doesn't mean, please listen to me go on and on about everything I know, so I can prove that I am the smartest scientist on planet Right Wing. Get over yourself.

  31. Lizzardo,

    Have you never known anybody to bid you goodbye and then return? Is it your impression that goodbye is always permanent?

    I'm back. Get over it! Address the issues!

  32. hahaha...I love it. Touche! Looking forward to many debates to come!

  33. Lizzardo,

    Somehow, I get the impression that you are far more inclined to troll than to debate.

    Care to prove me wrong?

  34. Well now, I go away for a few hours and the whole world is on fire. This looks like a scene from Inherit the Wind! Let's all take a breath and regroup. Nothing constructive happening here.

  35. Irving1923,

    Care to lead by example?

    Got anything substantive to add?

    The links in my prior comments have given you plenty of fodder to work with. Let's see what you've got.

  36. LOL...well, I do not feel the need to prove anything to you. But, I will definitely take part in the dance!

  37. SBVOT - Whoa now, Irving's comments are always substantive, as well as insightful, civil and well thought out. He doesn't simply throw links up.

    Regardless, glad this isn't "adios" and I will try to get through all of the homework you have given me.

    I'm off to do another post. Seems Lizzardo has things well in hand here.

  38. Oh and, as usual, Irving is correct. deep breaths and off to the next topic.

  39. AnnoyingJoe,

    Yep, “off to the next topic” without anybody ever offering ANY rebuttals of substance on the empirical evidence (or -- as my visitation logs confirm -- even examining the evidence).

    Why am I not surprised?

    Like I said…
    The so-called “Progressive” ideology can ONLY survive in an ABSOLUTE intellectual vacuum!

  40. SBVOR - I'm not completely 100% sure why you are carrying on about climate change as the subject of the post was a kid on a dinosaur.

    I'm also not sure what the anonymous poster had in mind when he/she brought up your last post-date. Take it up with him/her as his/her comment was the only mention of "climate change."

    I again thank you for posting the links regarding climate change, unsolicited though they were.

  41. AnnoyingJoe (September 30, 2010 2:14 PM),

    1) So-called "Progressives" like to think of Conservatives as being scientifically illiterate and -- generally speaking -- stupid and uneducated. This is, of course, a giant (and entirely backwards) myth.

    Your post was offered in that general vein. Hence, it is not a big leap to the Climate Change issue.

    2) I notice you're still not addressing the issues -- no surprise there. So-called "Progressives" seldom (if ever) step outside of their petty personal attack mode (also evidenced in your post).

  42. Regarding your comment left on my blog…
    1) I claim no copyright to any material on my blog. You are welcome to reproduce anything you like.

    2) Perhaps the most salient point on climate change is that the peer reviewed science demonstrates the there is absolutely nothing even remotely unusual about ANY temperatures or ANY trends we see today.

    That fact is well and concisely substantiated here, here, here and here.

    To further distill that down to something the ADHD MTV generation can focus on, simply note that both the Arctic AND the Antarctic are experiencing an on-going, uninterrupted 10,000 year cooling which shows NO SIGNS of abating.

    If they question the veracity of the data, the citation links and more details are found here and here.

    As for the various petty and nonsensical complaints about my offering links as opposed to reinventing the wheel -- get used to it! I have no intention of replicating what has already been created.

  43. SBVOR, you can't bring up an issue and demand that people do or do not respond to it. Again, take it up with anonymous.

    And the post was not aimed at "conservatives." It was aimed at the Creationism Museum alone. Why must you think in such simplistic terms? There are intelligent people that would consider themselves conservative, just as there are intelligent people who would consider themselves liberal. Anyone who seeks to categorize and stereotype groups of people are foolish. It's basic logic: Not all conservatives are simplistic, bible thumping zealots. Not all liberals are elitist, marxist intellectuals. To think otherwise? now that's an automaton.

    I left a comment on your blog regarding the issues you are so desperate to discuss. Please take a look. I hope we can facilitate an intelligent discussion. I think if you weren't jumping up and down so much and bullying and name-calling, you might have some intriguing points.

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  45. AnnoyingJoe,

    And still you avoid any discussion of the issues in favor of the purely ad hominem. Some things never change.

    Not surprisingly, I am the ONLY one in this thread who has offered ANYTHING of substance.

  46. Using all caps makes you look silly and insecure. Allow me to demonstrate...

    I am offering YOU a forum to discuss the ISSUES you would LIKE to DISCUSS.

    Problem IS, you're not exactly making it CLEAR which issues you would LIKE to discuss.

    Thank you for obsessing over MY BLOG, though.




  48. I can just see you, your nose mere inches from the computer screen, furrowed brow, your fingers banging away at the keyboard, mustering all of your belief, channeling all of your rhetoric into each forceful keystroke.

    "I must be heard!" your ego screams. "I'm neglected and insignificant!" your libido cries. "I'm hungry!" your dog whimpers.

    Does that about sum it up?

    Anyway, I ask again, which issues would you like to discuss?

  49. I was coming to offer advice about SBVIforgottherest but you appear to have the situation under control. kudos.