Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Truth Bombs

Usually spend my time disseminating the insanity of the day, but what's insanity without a sane reference point? For my ADD readers, skip to 2:55. For those of you with a sense of humor...enjoy!


  1. Aw…
    Is AJ sad that his beloved Dims got a shellacking?

    It’s okay AJ, these people feel your pain.

    Maybe you can join them in group therapy for PEST.

  2. No, I'm sad because you don't actually read my blog. I suppose it's like anything else in your life; you see it for what you want it to be, not what it actually is.

    oh well.

  3. Yeah, sorry...
    Your mood & your reaction is really easy to read.

    I understand the POV of your blog. But, I also understand your political orientation. And, whether you know it or not, that orientation was on display in this post.

    Let me sum it up for you (and George Carlin)...
    You're pissed because us dumb rednecks rejected the totalitarian Utopian vision of your messiah.

  4. P.S.) If you want to understand where the real stupidity, the truly willful ignorance and the astonishing apathy can be found among the American electorate, look here.

  5. Missing the point, as usual.

    Mr. Carlin was speaking to rednecks and non-rednecks alike.

    2 years ago, when Obama was elected on an emotional tide, I knew my life wouldn't change all that much. I was right. The same is true now.

    I understood (but didn't share) the elation certain people felt in 2008 they same way I understand (but don't share) the elation certain people feel now.

    I do not believe in utopias or messiahs.

    I don't know why you are so insistent on making me your surrogate liberal/democrat. Maybe its because no one else (besides the voices in your head) will speak with you.

    Nice video - I'm sure the producers of the video didn't edit out anyone who had the correct answers. Stop believing everything you see on youtube! Do what I do, just present it for the silliness that it is.

  6. "2 years ago, when Obama was elected on an emotional tide, I knew my life wouldn't change all that much. I was right."

    If you believe that, it only proves how willfully ignorant you are.

    The extent to which Obama has -- in just two years -- fulfilled his promise to fundamentally transform The United States of America is absolutely breath-taking.

    Unlike many, that fundamental transformation may not have severely affected your day to day life as yet. But, if you fail to understand the longer term ramifications, well -- as I said.

    Tell me that you did not vote for (or, at least, favor) Obama in 2008 and I might consider one day maybe believing some portion of what you say.

    Until then...

  7. You sneaky little goose! You're trying to make me think I care about how you view me.

    Well played, lonely man. Almost got me.

    Thanks for continuing to waste your time.

  8. And, there I have all the answer I needed.

    No surprise...
    Thanks for validating everything I have said.

  9. To bad you have to come to my blog to say it. tee hee! I'm just honored to provide you a platform upon which you have a chance to be heard.

    I don't believe in utopias or messiahs. Yours or theirs. Why you need more that that I can't understand.

    See you tomorrow!

  10. Can't you ever be honest? Not even just this once?

    You just can't ever avoid the logical fallacy of the moral equivalence argument. That is one of your "Progressive" "tells".

    I don't believe in messiahs or utopias. I believe in individual liberties, free markets and limited government. There are no guarantees that any of that will produce a utopia for anybody -- only the freedom to make your own choices and forge your own destiny.

  11. I understand your inferiority complex and pathetically incessant need to categorize and compartementalize everything as evidenced by your silly labels and unbelievably hacky catch phrases (see: lame stream media. guffaw!) but you cant make me something im not just because you need someone to argue with and stick your tongue at.

    You're adorable, though and I enjoy conversing with you.