Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Quickies

This nonsense has been making the rounds. Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck's radio show...

It's not the slip of the tongue that is disconcerting. It's the entire inane, vapid, rambling response devoid of meaning or purpose that caught my ear.


Came across this this week. Warning: Blue Language.....

Two priceless moments. The first at about :05, the sheer look of despair in our would be pervert. The second, at :17, our little spitfire gives what may be the greatest glare in the history of eyeballs, giving the perve no doubt as to the outcome of this little comedy.


  1. Is that for reals?


  2. I say Spitfire for President. I know she would slap those North Koreans bitches into next week.

  3. Sin - She certainly doesn't take any guff.

  4. Unlike this Obama gaffe, North vs. South is a pretty easy slip of the tongue.

    But, let’s transcend the silliness and examine some truly epic mistakes.

    It’s a slam dunk certainty that a President Palin would never have been THAT stupid!