Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surfin' the Interwebs

Isn't the internet great? You never know what you are going to stumble across. It's a veritable yellow-brick road of joy and discovery. Of course, with so much information, it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. So what I like to do is settle on the absurd. Its so much less stressful.

Sweet ride, and he looks so nice and white. Why didn't they ever talk about THIS in mass? Jesus looks ready to kick some ass. Who wants to get saved, bitches! It's a surprise the Roman's ever get within 20 feet. Wonder if you can get a stegosaurus-sidecar upgrade...

Red Shirt Guy: Update

Remember King o' the Nerds, Red Shirt Guy. Well the good folks over at Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft have decided to do Red Shirt Guy a real solid and repay him for doing his due diligence, not to mention providing mucho free publicity (video over 3 million hits.)

So what can a multi-million dollar company do for a 17 year old. Some money for college? A new laptop for homework? A set of encyclopedias? Ho no. Behold!

Yeah, that's right, they made a character based on him! Wildhammer Fact Checker, kickin' it with the very character that was the subject of Red Shirt Guy's beef.

And so Red Shirt Guy is forever immortalized in the game that he holds so dear. One could say that
Red Shirt Guy has risen up to the nerdy heavens to join the great pantheon of nerds. All without ever having ridden a dinosaur.


  1. "I do not believe in utopias or messiahs." AJ, that's not good news!! How the hell am I going to sell you on joining my male harem- and no performance anxiety issues. I've decide on eunuchs.

    "Why didn't they ever talk about THIS in mass?" Holy cow, you actually listened? What kind of Catholic are you? Next, your going to tell me you read the bible!

    As for the dinosaur theory, it makes perfect sense. Why, we have dinosaur foot prints all over Texas, and I've never seen a Gegus foot print-cause he was riding his dinosaur! I wonder if he'd yell "Hi Yo Silver", or just "G#d Dam% It. get movin'!"

  2. "Why are there only dinosaur footprints during the most difficult times of my life? Why did you leave me?"

    "My son [or daughter], that was when my dinosaur carried you."

  3. Holy crap. We were the product of a Dr. Frankenstein brain division experiment! I was going to use that quote and twist it around too. Since you went first, you'll be going to hell but don't worry cause even though I'm going to heaven, I want to go to hell on Friday nights to visit my friends.