Friday, November 12, 2010

Rate the Robots III

It's not often that a robot can transcend the piece-of-trash movie/TV program in which it appears. I believe I may have found one such rarity.

Maximillian, as seen in Disney's The Black Hole.

Killer robot who's sole purpose was to kill whomever uncovered the secret of the USS Cygnus. Confused? Don't worry, and please don't see the movie. If you must, check out the Wikipedia synopsis.

Never has so much intimidation been packed into so small a mechanism. Retractable, whirling blades of death and a perpetual scowl make Max no pushover. He floats (literally) through his scenes oozing a palpable aura of dread. And that paint job is the bomb, sick Cold-War red for the antagonist.

Cons: He gets taken out by this:
Reality Check: Again, I'm a sucker for an indiscernible propulsion system. Could Max serve as a effective bodyguard/heavy a few years hence? Hellz yes.

Rating: 5 out of 10. He's a victim of circumstance/crappy movie.

Fun Fact:
The movie was renamed in the Soviet Union, because 'black hole' is an obscene term in Russian.


  1. Cant stand those floating r2d2s!

  2. I remember this movie and I remember Max... we're close so I can get away with calling him that ;-)

    Yes, I think the robots in your series are getting closer to my ideal.