Friday, May 27, 2011

Rate the Doomsday Scenario III

Rise of the machines!

Overview: Humanity succeeds in creating Artificial Intelligence, only to have the ungrateful bastards turn on us.

Pros: Less Traffic

Cons: Having your X-Box chasing you around your home. Noob.

Reality Check: While probably more likely than aliens attacking, I doubt a scenario would arise involving Austrian weightlifters throwing around witty one-liners while time traveling and chasing/protecting various Conners. I think that an AI would become sentient without all of those tribalistic characteristics that make humans so lovable and eager to get along. We probably wouldn't have to worry about them immediately looking to "terminate" us. Unless we kept poking them with sticks. That's really annoying.

Can we stop it: Maybe. AI is an inevitability. It's the next step in evolution. The most likely scenario, I believe, is that there would be some sort of merging of the human and AI intelligence. It doesn't necessarily have to be nasty. The great Dr. Michio Kaku shares some of his thoughts on the subject and how a nasty scenario may be preveneted (see below)

Rating: 5/10. – Watch Top Documentaries Online.


  1. In 1982 we were asked to work on marketing an artificial intelligence software program. All the very expensively produced literature was delivered and before we could begin were told the job was pulled. A few days later the company was reported to be bankrupt.

    Now it might be real.

  2. I think I would prefer a meteor hitting earth or getting too close to the sun and burning to death. I guess what I'm saying is that I'd rather die than be a slave with a vacuum cleaner overlord.