Saturday, May 21, 2011


Saturday, May 21st, 6:05pm Eastern Time.....

Damn it. Still here.


  1. I heard 6 pm PST. You still have 2 hours til the crazies ascend to heaven and the looting party begins. See you there.

  2. Sunday, such luck.

  3. Hmm so I meant to post on your new post and I clicked "leave comment" and it didn't work and now I can't find the "leave comment" button again so I'm posting on this one instead. So:

    I agree completely. It's so irritated to me that crazy "christians" get so much air time. I don't give a shit, I don't want to hear it. If they happen to be right someday, I still don't give a shit. I too worry about the world ending in more plausible ways. I worry a lot about what will happen if our economy crashes and our money is worthless. How will we eat? How will we clothe ourselves. I think this stems from reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood where all of the sudden women no longer had any value (aside from birthing children) and couldn't use money. I think this is part of the reason behind my desire to can food.

    I've been worrying about the end of my world since I was a child. Growing up on the Pacific Coast of Oregon, we were warned of the giant tsunami that will come sometime in the next 50 years and decimate our area. We were ran through drill after drill, sat through lectures and videos about it. Then in college I took a class on earthquakes and volcanoes and learned that I'm pretty much doomed by natural disaster no matter where I choose to live.

    So yes, we might all die one day, but I doubt it'll be from some big fight between Jesus and the Antichrist (although that'd be badass to watch, pay-per-view).

  4. *irritating. Also, I'm excited for your series on different apocalypse scenarios. Please, please have a robots kill us all one.

  5. Nothing like a disaster drill to scare the shit out of a small child, for sure.

    As for Robots....Stay Tuned!