Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do As I SAY...

This from the New York Magazine, 10/25/10...

"When you head to the polls next week, if you're a city resident, you'll not only be asked to help coronate Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Chuck Schumer, but to vote on whether to keep the city's term limits at three terms or send it back to two terms. Where does Mayor Bloomberg stand on the issue? Well, since he's the one who pushed the City Council to extend term limits to three terms in 2008 so that he could run for mayor for a third time, a good guess would be that he supports keeping it at three terms. But he doesn't. Earlier today Bloomberg revealed that he would vote to reenact a two-term limit, but wouldn't say why. A spokesman explained that the mayor 'supported three terms only for himself because the situation was extraordinary.' Nobody will ever again be as indispensable as Mayor Bloomberg."


  1. He said on a recent entertainment show masquerading as a political show that he had no desire to run again.

  2. Only because HE didn't want too, not because he would let anything like the law get in his way. C'mon now!