Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Don't Need No Education

Christine O'Donnell's latest ad...

Ok. That's all well and good. Well maybe not.

What 's wrong with going to Yale? What sort of statement is that? I don't believe that attending a certain university should be a prerequisite for being elected to office, but touting the schools you HAVEN'T attended...? Why is she beginning these ads with these ridiculous statements?

So what have we learned? Well, we have learned that Ms. O'Donnell is not a supernatural creature and that she does not have an Ivy League education.

Rumor has it that, in the big push to election day, Ms. O'Donnell will release another ad where she reveals, with a sheepish grin and a shrug of her shoulders, "I don't drown puppies. I'm you."


  1. AJ,

    Which part of "Liberal Elite" do you not understand?

    Yale, like Harvard, is infamous for churning out Liberal Elitists who are arrogant enough to believe they can be the one to finally -- for the first time in human history -- deliver upon the Socialist fantasy of a nirvana derived from a centrally planned economy and a socially engineered society.

    Again, click here to learn why we do NOT need (or want) Ivy League geniuses in Congress (much less, a Bearded Marxist).

  2. Her bringing up witchcraft in the previously similar ad and Yale here is because she mentioned witchcraft on a show in the 1990's, and "bragged" in a resume about her education. She lies about Yale and then acts like we are forcing Yale on her. LOL

    What's next, I did not use my campaign funds for past races to pay my personal bills and rent; I'm you. ?

    I don't care where she went to school or if she went to school. I'm not she.

  3. Charlene,

    If she were you, I would be forced to withdraw my strong support for Christine.

  4. "liberal elitists" like George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush or (my favorite) Dick Cheney? Or (gasp!) Samuel Alito?

    Stop dealing in absolutes, cutie-pie, you'll live longer

  5. AJ,

    You are sooo predictable…
    I knew you would raise these issues, especially Bush 43.

    H.W. “read my lips” Bush is not exactly a hero in Conservative circles.

    By signing into law the biggest entitlement expansion since LBJ (Medicare drug “benefits”), Bush 43 proved himself to be the biggest Liberal since LBJ (and one of the most damaging).

    Cheney -- to his credit -- flunked out of Yale, returned to Wyoming, married and finished college.

    Alito only proves there is always the exception to the rule.

    But, yes…
    In general, the “Liberal Elite” rule holds true.

    Now, go get caught up on the death spiral NPR just threw themselves into. I guess George Soros will soon be their only source of funding -- leaving “Spooky Dude” to run the show.

  6. The singular goal of this blog is to expose absurdity, and you never disappoint.

    Can't wait to hear how "liberal" O'Donnell was, 4 years hence, should she win the election. Which I hope she does. She's an absurdists dream.

    "At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face." --Albert Camus

  7. Not so absurd (at all) is this outstanding clip (which your subject line brought to mind).

    Click with caution...
    It just might remind you of the fine tradition of Classical Liberalism which you so-called "Progressives" hijacked.

  8. Come to think of it, that video clip cited in my previous comment reminds me a lot of the tyranny of Political Correctness run amuck at NPR this week.

    I'm betting Christine would vote to stop sending Federal dollars to the tyrannical propagandists at NPR. That would be a good thing. DeMint has already promised to introduce such legislation. There may be hope yet.

  9. Just that you "got" my title reference makes me love you even more.

    The video was cool, but what a horrible cover.

  10. Hey listen, if you've come to attack P.C. you've come to the wrong place. The right NOT to be offended is not in the constitution.

  11. AJ,

    Oh, so you actually have heard of the United States Constitution -- that's a start.

    Maybe if you learn to capitalize it, we can give you another gold star.

  12. AJ,

    Seeing as how you have bought -- hook, line and sinker -- the same tired old media meme which produced, in 2008, the most ignorant electorate in the entire history of the republic, I might recommend this emerging "scandal" as the subject of your next bit of meaningless drivel.

    Or, just for a little change of pace...
    You could focus on the real issues in this critically important election year.

    Yeah, I know...
    I'm dreaming.

  13. I don't know why you insist on ignoring the subtitle of my bloggy blog - "disseminating the nonsense of the day" - but I'm glad you keep reading!

    Critically important? Oh SBVOR, who's been hooked? Nothing we do or say, no matter how we vote, nothing will change. Sure there will be some ebb and flow, but at the end of the day...what's the difference?

    You are the modern day Sisyphus. So am I. I'm You! Haha! Thanks Christine O'Donnell, Thanks C.O.D.

    Wait! I made a funny. Too bad her ex-staffers didn't ask to be paid C.O.D.

  14. AJ,

    As usual you’re dead wrong.

    The solution is well described and readily attainable (if only a majority of the electorate demand it). Putting our country back on a sustainable path will take more than this one election cycle. But, it is -- indeed -- “critically important” that this election cycle gets the ball rolling.

    The question is:
    Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

    Sorry, that was a rhetorical question.