Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Tread on Me

Sure has been a spirited campaign! An alleged Rand Paul supporter shows his disdain for an alleged protester allegedly representing the allegedly liberal organization, The incident allegedly occurred outside of a debate between Paul and his opponent Jack Conway (can't make it up) for the open Kentucky senate seat...

Maybe she owed him money. Forget the guy doing his best Jimmy Conway vs. Billy Batts routine, check out the gratuitous boob-grab by the hat-wearing take-down guy at :10. Really, dude? What a time to cop a feel.

Now go home and get your f#@%&* shine box.


  1. Click here for the rest of the story (which MSNBC will never tell you).

    AFTER reviewing the rest of the evidence (and noting that nobody is attempting to justify the shoulder stomp), recall the assassination attempt on Reagan and tell me how anybody could have known Rand Paul was not about to fall victim to a similar attack.

  2. A friend of mine who often agrees with me on politics said:

    "My gawd the outrage. Lock her up. Shoot her. The gentleman was just trying to keep her from being bothering the candidate! She was wearing a wig and looks like a lesbian so it's her fault her head got under his foot!"

    I said, "If that's a gentleman then Kentucky has no gentlemen."

  3. Well, hinkley didn't hold a giant sign saying, "I want to shoot the president" and then run around like a mad person with said sign for a minute.

    Hey, but thank goodness for "Jimmy Conway" cuz I'm sure the only thing on his mind, as he brought his white reebok down upon that woman's head was "get the candidate to safety!"

  4. As I said, nobody is defending the shoulder (NOT head) stomping.

    How about giving credit to the other Rand Paul supporters. After all:

    "It was Paul supporters who told Profitt to back off. It was Paul supporters who brought the police."

  5. P.S.) You can mock the concept all you like. The fact is that after examining more of the evidence, it is very clear that any reasonable person could have very easily interpreted Ms. Valle's actions as a threat to Rand Paul.

    Again, the shoulder (NOT head) stomp was entirely indefensible. But, contrary to the propaganda meme from the Far Left, restraining her was entirely defensible.

  6. Thats like saying a couple of the lions were like "hey, you know, get off the zebra.

    But, whatever. Anyone who would try and categorize every Rand Paul supporter as a head stomper would be foolish. Just an example of how absurd things have become or, really, always have been.

    Way to go into full spin mode though. Also, way to continue to obsess over my blog. I appreciate the support!

  7. 1) No spin, just facts.

    2) I'm always happy to assist those who clearly need it.

    Has the counter at the bottom of this page yet registered more than 10 visits on any given day? I figure I make up at least half your visits on any given day. But, like I said, I'm always happy to assist the needy.

  8. Does that include the 3 drafts it takes you to post a comment?


    Don't worry, I grade on a curve. Don't worry about grammar. Next time, submit your first draft.

    And 4 minutes to respond to my last comment? Clinically, OCD, or stalking, maybe. Let me check WebMD...

  9. Multitasking, my man...

    It only takes a second to check in on you. That's done whilst another page is loading -- efficient time management.

  10. Well, I'm sure also save a bunch of time not having to answer any comments.

    Thats my new nickname for you.
    0 comments. you should be used to that.

    here boy!

  11. Well, my logs indicate that -- tonight alone -- you spent about 30 minutes perusing my blog. That's a reasonable return on investment.

  12. AJ,

    The quality of a blog is not measured by the number of comments, but by the number of visitors. We both use the same counter. That counter indicates that -- in the last 24 hours I've outdone you by more than 13 to 1.

    Who's the Alpha Dog now?

  13. 0 Comments -

    Haha. Your "log" is off, just a bit. Regardless, I haven't denied checking out your no-comment blog, but remember; "Annoying Joe is a place to disseminate the nonsense of the day." What better place to find such nonsense than your little bloggy blog?

    You can't blame me for doing a little research, can you?


  14. Perhaps an even more telling metric of blog quality is the average visit length.

    WattsUpWithThat is currently the #4 science blog and is also the 2008 best science blog. His average visit length is currently 22 seconds.

    I have far fewer visitors, but they linger much longer -- currently an average of 3 minutes.

  15. And you've been at it for how long? I'm only a little over 2 months of consistent posting in!

    How pathetic! Comments trump visitors all day. The large amounts of unwitting web surfers who are unfortunate enough to stumble across the vast amounts of drivel you have amassed over the years is simply a function of your vast amounts of drivel.

    Lets see... Me 2 months of blogging - boatloads of comments

    You - Years of blogging - the occasional anonymous comment....

    tee hee! keep obsessing, though. it's cute.

  16. Linger Longer??? wait a minute.......please say it isn't so

    i would venture to say that it takes your average reader 3 minutes to read a sentence. tee hee!!!!!!!

    stop obsessing over my only 2.3 month-old little blog!

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  18. AJ,

    Most blogs, no matter how long they have been around, never rise much above the level yours currently experiences. Why? Because their content is less interesting and less useful than the average Twitter account of the average teenager. I predict yours will be another such blog.

    Meantime, click here and you just might find the inspiration for your next massively unvisited post.

  19. I'm rabidly anti-Obama and everything he and his radical kooldaid drinkers believe in, but I can't say I'm comfortable with the events of taking down this loon.

    I think it went over the top. At the point the threat against Paul was stopped, they should've merely restrained the woman. This video just gave the libs a perfect video highlighting every bad thing they rant about the Tea Party.

    And yes, I know that she was an agitator trying to cause problems, but these guys walked into her trap.

    I would like to know where the cops were... isn't neutralizing trouble their job?

  20. SBVOR/ 0 comments - This from the guy who is so desperate for attention that he leaves links to his blog all over my comment sections. Don't be so hard on yourself, your content isn't less interesting and less useful than the average Twitter account of the average teenager. Thats just my opinion though.

    Cube - I'm just fascinated at the level of emotion it takes to create such an irrational environment.

  21. I know this will shock some, but at a "liberal" rally last night there was a discussion of the Jack Conway put out calling Rand on his college "antics". It was suggested that the best commercial for Conway to run would have been this:

    An authoratative voice announced The Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul. Then the rest is audio of a crowd of people laughing.

    These two men are running for the seat formerly held by Jim Bunning. I call it the crazy seat. If Rand gets it, that's what it will be still.

  22. Charlene,

    As always, you could not be more incorrect. Like AJ, you always allow the media to -- by design -- distract you into the realm of the utterly irrelevant.

    Rand Paul has suggested the very best piece of legislation since the Bill of Rights. He proposes a law requiring Congress to reduce deficit spending by 20% each year or face a 20% cut in their pay each year.

    But, the media have not told you that, have they? Ever wonder why?

  23. Ah, 0 comments, what you always fail to realize is that it is ALL irrelevant.

    But fun to watch.

  24. “it is all irrelevant”?

    Really? Let me refer you to this comment.

    Which stage does your cynicism represent? What are the consequences?

    Irrelevant? Not on your life!

  25. Irrelevant? Only from bondage to bondage. anything else is fair game.

  26. AJ,

    Click here for some insight into how stories like this are created (and why).

  27. And this is surprising because...?

    "News" is entertainment.