Monday, February 13, 2012

Nothing to Write About

So I decided to see what would happen if, with absolutely nothing to write about, I tried writing anyway. It's been difficult to get into politics in general and the Republican nominee nonsense outside of watching the occasional Daily Show or Colbert Report. Maybe it's the absurdity of it all. Maybe it's these men (and the occasional whacky Tea Party woman) up on high trying to hitch their carts to the star of whatever their advisors tell them is the public hot-button issue of the time. Or moment, actually. Maybe it's Newt Gingrich trying to pull himself off as anti-establishment. Maybe it's Rick Perry and his complete lack of intelligence. Maybe it's Mitt Romney and his thousand yard stare and utter disdain for those less fortunate. It's a circus act.

Getting back to Newt...Hey, listen, They're all phony. From as far left as Brother Sharpton to as far right as Sister Palin - its a bunch of malarkey, a cult of personality whos shallowness is only outdone by the hubris in which these talking heads speak to us in bullet points. Anyway, Newt. So now Mr. insider-lobbyist/consultant-beltway-slut would have us believe that he is now a man of the people, a Washington outsider who could rule unfettered by the constraints of years of complete saturation in Washington politics, both as a politician and a consultant. Yes, Mr. Smith is come, ready to shake the foundations of the establishment and reclaim the country for white Christians everywhere. So, what's worse? The fact that he has the gall to put on this facade, or that anyone actually votes for him?

Well that's where we are now. It's not so much who to vote for but who NOT to vote for. Anybody but Obama. Even of it means a snake like Gingrich. Fantastic.

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